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Meet the 6'7" mixed martial artist Trevor "Scarecrow" Gudde, our first-ever sponsored professional athlete! 

Born 1990 in Centerview, Missouri, Trevor began his journey into MMA in high school through a close wrestling teammate. Before he turned professional, Trevor held the Cage Titans welterweight championship, beating UFC-caliber athletes along the way.


In addition to this badassery, Trevor has been working with a group called Camp Opportunity Kansas City for the last 13-plus years, providing free summer camps for under-priveleged, abused, and neglected children.


Additionally, Trevor loves Kaju; in his words:


Kaju quickly became my favorite spot for post training meals, low fat and high protein! I am also obsessed with Kaju's kimchi pancakes... must-try for anybody venturing there for the first time!

We at Kaju are über-proud to be working with somebody representing the pinnacle of human athleticism, a heart so deeply involved in charity, and a person who shares our passion for Korean cuisine! 


Peter McLeod-Warrick is an exciting striker who fights out of Citidel Martial Arts in Boston, MA. Currently 2-0 in Muay Thai, Peter is looking to debut in MMA early next year. 


Peter has been a fan of Kaju before he started competing. As per his words:


The menu is filled with great options that are able to accommodate whatever diet I will be on (all the while being delicious). I have not yet encountered a meal at Kaju that I do not love. My personal favorite meals are the chicken tacos and Kimchi pancakes. 

I am extremely excited and honored to be joining the Kaju family. I wanted my first partnership to be with a business that honors things like respect, hard work, and cares deeply about family—all values I see in Kaju.

Peter has had Martial Arts in his life since he was 4 years old. Starting in Uechi Ryu karate which he achieved the rank of black belt. He then started training in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

You can follow Peter on Instagram @thegnarlyone where you can see all sorts of shots of his training and meals at Kaju. You can be expecting to see Peter back in action at the start of 2020!



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